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Progressive Media Post, LLC. 

One dream. one vision.

Progressive Media Post, LLC. takes pride in bridging the gap between you and your consumers through social media. We are comprised of a professional group of individuals who seek to bring your company’s vision to your targeted audience. Our goal is to bring an increase in sales, which will result in the positive outcomes your company deserves.

    The journey started at the beginning of 2016, we took the bold step to find professionals from different walks of life to give high-quality services, provide excellent customer service and give ROI for the business owners who were looking to grow and expand their brands. With the assistance of our marketers, graphic design team, SEO team, and creative personnel, we will continue to make great impacts within the digital space.

Our company is based on hybrid principles, we embody the essence of the olden days when everything was handcrafted with care, cars were made more durable, and the times when people dressed in suits. We will make sure that your brand looks professional, relatable, and amazing, so your potential audience can see the value in your business to create customer loyalty.


As we continue to grow as the years go by, we will always keep the winning recipe that we have created as our foundation for each company, which is

Brand Awareness
Great Content
Find Target Audience
Expand & Grow


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“You miss 100% of the business that you don’t market properly to your targeted audience.”

– Nicholas A. Hanley, CEO/Founder

Our Brand

Our logo is the epitome of creativity, our pencil represents that everyone has an idea that needs to be recorded on paper or digitally. When you are ready to share your idea with the world, you need to broadcast it to your target audience.

Fun Fact: We chose a pencil instead of a pen because an idea over time needs to be optimized and fine-tuned. Then broadcasted to your target audience.

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